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Rejuvenate Your Bone and Joint Health With Orthopedic Specialists of Dallas

At Dallas Orthopedic Associates, our team aims to help people with everything ortho-related. From general bone health to physical fitness, surgical and non-surgical treatments, diagnosis to full spectrum treatments.

Our trained medical practitioners and orthopedic surgeons in Dallas will be able to help you if you wish to:

  1. Improve your overall bone and muscle health
  2. Reduce and then eliminate back, spine and neck pain
  3. Enhance your physical movement
  4. Boost your sports performance
  5. Prevent and/or treat injuries

Dr. K. Nimr Ikram is a Board Certified physician in the specialty of Orthopedic Surgery. Dr. Ikram graduated from Jackson High School, Jackson, MI in 1988 and received his undergraduate Degree from The University of Michigan in 1992.

In simplest forms, we’ll help you reclaim your physical freedom, with flexibility, increased strength and smooth mobility – so you live your life to the fullest – like it’s meant to be!

We have an alpha team of the best orthopedic specialists of Dallas. They are board-certified medical professionals including general ortho care consultants, nurses, bone specialists, osteoarthritis specialists and orthopedic surgeons in Dallas. This is to ensure that everyone contacting our clinic, whether a patient or their loved one, receives the necessary, comprehensive care they deserve.


Trusted Orthopedic Care Clinic in Plano and Mesquite

Meet advanced orthopedics specialists for bone and joint related medical services across Dallas, Plano and Mesquite.

Sports Medicine

Our team handles athletes of all ages and levels, providing top-quality treatment and care.


Our industry-leading software solutions allow our surgeons to track, analyze, monitor…


Dedicated to reducing pain and restoring hip mobility, our specialists can handle your needs…


We offer total joint replacement for patients who feel it is their best option for pain relief.


We have vast knowledge and experience in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of foot…


Pain in the shoulder may be caused by over-used muscles, tendons, or ligaments. Our well-trained…


Less risk, less post-operative pain, and shorter recovery time. We offer a variety of MIS procedures…


We offer conservative treatments to spinal conditions, utilizing non-surgical options.


We offer conservative treatments to spinal conditions, utilizing non-surgical options.


ensure high quality care for knee replacements.

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Our Happy Clients


Don’t just take our word for it. Listen from our satisfied patients.

I am so glad I trusted Dallas Ortho when I really needed urgent care. Kudos to Dr. Ikram and his medical team.


Venus Wozniacki

What a privilege to be treated by the staff of Dallas Ortho. Yes, a privilege I must say because I don’t live in Plano, Dallas and was there for a 2-day business trip. I met Dr. Ikram at a local gift shop and now I am only following up online and still seeing significant improvement in my spinal performance.


Alejandro Valverde

After I had lost all hopes of treating my spine pain without surgery and had had enough of steroids, Dr. Ikram suggested his extensive conservative spine treatment, which would again take more than 3 months. While slightly reluctant in the beginning, I gave it a chance and I am glad I did.


Barry Bonds

Dallas Ortho is surely the best place for spine treatment in Mesquite. I absolutely love their staff and the medical premises. 


Caterine Donne

Previously I was attending my consultant of total joint replacement in Plano and moved to Mesquite this month. A very smooth transition, I must comment and the same, high quality of care.


Stephanie James

I took my mother to Dallas Ortho when she was in severe pain. 10 on 10 for on point insurance proceedings specially because it really added to my entire patient experience.


Simona Brown

As someone with a long history in arthritis, and degenerative joints, the staff and medical facilities at Dallas Orthopedic Associates really helped. They stand out because of their primary care methods and proactive approach and the overall support system.


Lindsey Kom

I was afraid of going for a total shoulder replacement. Unfortunately, after the accident, this surgery was the only option I had. But I must say that the surgeon of total shoulder replacement in Plano clinic of Dallas Ortho made it quite smooth for me.


Katie Ledecky

I am so glad I trusted Dallas Ortho when I really needed urgent care. Kudos to Dr. Ikram and his medical team.


Fabian Cancellara

On a scale of 1 to 10, I’ll give Dallas Ortho a 15 for their on-site care, pre and post-surgery advice.


David Rudisha

After waiting for almost 2 years and trying out every other knee replacement alternative in the market, I met Dr. Ikram who outrightly recommended me a knee replacement surgery. I thought for days and then tired of the pain, I opted for it. I believe I made the right decision in time.


Alex Mike

I had an exceptional experience before and after my knee replacement at Dallas Ortho, especially with Dr. Ikram and my primary consultant.


Diana Peter

With this timely hip replacement and postsurgery care, I got back to daily activities in literally two weeks. I can’t believe I am rejoining my tennis camp next week.


Stephanie Delle

My three years of severe pain ended with a hip replacement surgery in Plano, and I’m so glad I trusted these professionals for the procedure. From preoperative guidance to postsurgical care, their comprehensive program covers almost everything you need to know. Even if you have mild orthopedic conditions instead of a hip issue, I recommend visiting Dallas Ortho. 


Tim Shawn

I had an extremely satisfying experience at Dallas Orthopedic Associates with my total hip replacement protocol. That’s partly because of the cooperative staff that was assigned to me, the nurses, the surgeon and my primary care doctor.


Serena Jack

On a scale of 1 to 10, I’ll give my podiatrist a 15 for helping me recover despite my long history of foot ulcers.


Bradley Brownlee

I had severe heel pain that lasted longer than 3 months. With some medication, lifestyle changes and continual support from the consultants at Dallas Ortho, I am enjoying all the daily activities. Thanks for making my life frictionless – I must say!


Dirk Nowitzki

With a tough routine like mine and the foot condition I had, it could get frustrating to visit a clinic multiple times. While Dallas Ortho has an incredible staff and cure procedures, I am particularly satisfied because I was treated on my first consultancy visit.


Mikaela Park

Meet us at a location near you!

Our orthopedic surgeons are available in Mesquite, Plano and Dallas.




Why do I need to see a bone specialist near me?

You need to see a bone specialist, or an orthopedic specialist in case of orthopedic conditions like arthritis or osteoarthritis, bone injury, fractures, or for routine muscular spasms, back and neck pain, muscle cramps and strains.

What is ortho pain & What are symptoms of orthopedics?

Ortho pain is a feeling of severe discomfort, inflammation, grinding and friction within bones, joints and other skeletal muscles. Depending on a person’s or patient’s orthopedic condition or current bone health, ortho pain can last from anywhere between 3 weeks to 3 months, or even longer upto 3 years in case of injuries, accidents or trauma.
3 common symptoms of orthopedics include:

  1. Severe pain and/or inflammation in joints and bones
  2. Joint or bone swelling, stiffness or enlargement
  3. Difficulty or continual discomfort during physical movement

If you have any of these symptoms, it is high time to either see a bone specialist near you, or consult an orthopedic surgeon if you have a history in orthopedics.

Do orthopedic doctors treat back pain?

Yes, orthopedic specialists of Dallas treat back pain. They also provide diagnosis, consultancy, treatment options, pre and post-surgery therapies necessary for curing back pain.

When can I return to daily activities?

You can resume performing normal activities as soon as your orthopedic conditions heal. Orthopedic specialists of Dallas usually suggest variable timelines for these. That’s because healing times vary case by case. For example, a patient with a serious leg fracture needs 5 to 8 months, whereas a patient undergoing routine physical therapies for back and neck pain can resume physical activities even within a month.

What should I bring with me when I come for an appointment?

You are requested to bring the following documents when attending a medical appointment with a doctor, or a regular checkup with a nurse or your therapist:

  1. Valid ID or driver’s license
  2. Referral letter (if applicable)
  3. Prescriptions and list of medications, drugs or supplements you are using (if applicable)
  4. Last medical records, history papers, health cards
  5. Most recent medical test reports, copies of lab examinations, X-rays, MRI’s, qne CT scans (if applicable)
  6. Insurance documents (if applicable)

What do orthopedic surgeons perform?

Orthopedic surgeons typically diagnose, treat and help prevent orthopedic conditions involving bones, joints and skeletal muscles like tendons, ligaments and cartilages.

What are the most common orthopedic injuries?

7 most common orthopedic injuries include:

  1. Hip, knee or other joint dislocation
  2. Vascular compromise
  3. Muscle sprains
  4. Pelvic fractures
  5. Open fractures
  6. Overuse injuries
  7. Septic arthritis

Will physical therapy be required after surgery?

Post-surgery therapy is highly recommended to bring back bone and muscle health and strength. But, it still depends on the nature of surgery, the accident, a patient’s medical and orthopedic history, current recovery conditions and requirements. We recommend patients consult their doctors and seek medical guidance while deciding about preoperative and postoperative programs.

What are your business hours?

Practice hours at Dallas Orthopedic Associates are 8:00 am to 5:00pm from Mondays to Thursday. For booking appointments, you can either call at (469) 518-7853, email or fill our contact form to request a call back from our clinic representative.
Some of our patients are based out of Dallas and can’t attend the doctor’s office in-person. We arrange special telemedicine sessions for them. If you too are based out of Dallas and need our orthopedic specialist in Dallas to assist you, we can book an online session. Please call at this number, email @ or fill our contact form to request an online telemedicine session.

Do your orthopedic surgeons diagnose and/or treat osteoarthritis?

Yes, our orthopedic care clinic provides solutions to all orthopedic conditions including back pain to mild injuries to sensitive arthritis and osteoarthritis symptoms.