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Dallas Orthopedic Associates - The Center for Computer Assisted Surgery in Dallas

Experience pain relief and other orthopedic treatment with a robotic surgery in Dallas – a method known for being significantly precise and highly successful in young patients to adults.

What is computer aided surgery?

Patients at Dallas Orthopedic Associates have experienced innumerable benefits of computer-assisted surgery. Firstly, it is more precise and requires less incisions as compared to traditional surgical methods. This makes it less invasive as well and results in less bleeding and decreased complications. In fact, robotic surgery has better cosmetic results.
The post-surgery methods are convenient and allow patients to recover more quickly than they would otherwise in a typical surgery. Patients report that they got quicker relief from swelling and inflammation and there were almost no reports of an infection.
On top of everything, computer aided surgery has the highest success ratios – between 92 – 95% as revealed by independent medical research.

Looking for Computer Assisted Surgery Near You in Mesquite and Plano?

Why trust Us for computer assisted surgery in Dallas

We perform at the intersection of highly qualified, board-certified medical practitioners and modern technology. That’s why we are highly proud of our people and processes. From general orthopedic medicine to sports and specialized robotic surgeries, we have the right professional and skilled staff for all the procedures.
We have a leading robotic surgery specialist in Dallas Orthopedic, who currently looks first hand into normal and emergency cases. In addition, we have therapists, nutrition counselors, knee, hip and joint replacement surgeons in our team, nurses and assessment practitioners for pre and post operative support.

Living in Texas?

For you or your loved one currently planning to avail any orthopedic service, Dallas Orthopedic Associates has a medical facility providing full-cycle consultancy, diagnosis and treatment for issues associated with musculoskeletal health. So, if you are based in Texas – especially, Dallas, Mesquite or Plano, we have got you covered.
If you are not currently in Texas, you can still choose treatment options with leading surgeons.

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FAQs About A Computer Assisted Surgery

Is computer aided surgery successful?

Yes, computer assisted surgery in Dallas is one of the most successful surgical options available today. The precision and accuracy of the instruments further endorse the significance and growing popularity of the procedure.

Are there any risks associated with robotic computer assisted surgery?

Because a computer aided surgery involves robotic collaboration and high resolution precise cameras, it reduces the chances of human error. We, however, recommend patients to look out for any chances of mechanical error, which can be minimized, controlled and completely eliminated by leveraging modern technology – the mechanical systems we have at Dallas Ortho.

How does computer assisted surgery work?

A computer aided surgery works with real time, live assistance of a robot. It uses devices like cameras for precision and accuracy and performs incisions on the directions of a surgeon.

What is the average recovery time for a robotic knee surgery?

Patients availing a robotic assisted joint replacement can often go home right after surgery and completion of official procedures and paperwork. The same goes for robotic knee surgery. For full recovery, patients take an average of 6 weeks to get back on their feet. This time frame may vary for patients and can be anywhere between 4 to 8 weeks considering the severity of symptoms and complexity of the procedure.


I have met some of the best medical practitioners, even nurses at Dallas Ortho. While they are humble and gentle, they are highly skilled at the most complex medical procedures.


Dallas Orthopedic Associates served me during an emergency and they are the best medical facility for computer assisted surgery in Dallas, I must say.


I had a computer assisted joint replacement surgery at Dallas Orthopedic and they are highly experienced at this. It was a smooth process and I went home the second day after my surgery.