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Reclaim Your Physical Freedom with Conservative Spine Treatment Options in Dallas

We are our health – and spines have much to contribute physically and emotionally.

Building onto this, better spinal health ultimately translates into better support, stability and shock absorption. It is that part of our musculoskeletal system that connects the upper and lower torso of the body and strategically distributes the overall body weight to the lower joints, like hip, pelvis, knees and feet.
Now this back pain and spinal discomfort affects us more than we can imagine. In addition to disturbing our routine physical movement and activities, like sitting and standing, it can drastically impact our quality of personal and professional life.
But you can always choose alternatives to surgical options – like a conservative spine treatment to restore the bone vitality, and significantly improve the function.

What is conservative spine treatment and how does it help?

We have an exceptional, board-certified medical staff that includes back surgeons to spine treatment specialists, physiotherapists and primary consultants.

We start with an assessment to diagnose the pain points, and identify the reasons behind back and spine issues. This diagnosis process is often followed by detailed lab reports, tests, CT scans and MRIs and any other X Rays, and examination of medical history, especially if a patient had arthritis or diabetes in the past.

In the second stage, our primary consultant and spine specialists decide whether conservative spine treatment is an option before back and spine surgery. If yes, you get a care plan variable of lengths between 1 month to 6 months, considering the severity of your pain, and the underlying causes.

Looking for Spine Specialists Near You in Mesquite and Plano?

Live in Dallas?

And experience what it is like to be treated by the best spine surgeon in Dallas.

Our center of spine treatment in Plano and Mesquite work collaboratively to make extensive care accessible for patients in and outside Dallas. We are an alpha team of medical practitioners currently on a mission to help people of Dallas lead a pain free lifestyle with surgical and non-surgical methods.

Back and Spine Treatment Options in Plano and Mesquite

Here are common spine and back care services we have successfully provided in the last five years:

  • conservative spine treatment
  • spine tumor treatment
  • osteoarthritis spine treatment
  • disk herniation medicine and therapy
  • spine injury treatment
  • cervical treatment

But wait, when should you meet a back surgeon or a spine specialist?

Here are six signs you or your loved one needs to see a back and spine surgeon, today!

  1. Severe pain in the back or spinal area, especially if it has prolonged and lasted longer than three months
  2. Discomfort in mobility and physical movement, personal chores and professional tasks
  3. Foot or leg weakness, numbness in different parts of lower torso
  4. Lower back pain during resting or sleeping hours
  5. Instability, shaking while walking or running
  6. Noticeable pain and discomfort during specific positions like bending, stretching and twisting back the upper torso of your body
Innovative and Comprehensive Spine and Back Pain Treatment Near you in Dallas
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Conservative Spine Treatment Options
Hip Replacement Procedures
Foot and Ankle Injury Procedures
Computer-Assisted Surgery (CAS)
Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS)
Custom Knee Replacements

FAQs About Conservative Spine Treatment

What is the average recovery time after a conservative spine treatment?

Since conservative spine treatment does not involve a surgery or operative method, patients on such treatment can freely move and perform their routine personal and professional tasks as recommended by their doctor.

Do I have to take oral medicines in coservative spine treatment?

Most centers of back and spine treatment in Dallas will recommend oral medicines during non-operative care like conservative spine treatment. These medicines may include muscle relaxants, NSAIDs, narcotic and non-narcotic drugs, painkillers and supplements.

How long does conservative spine treatment take to show results?

Conservative treatment takes an average of 3 weeks to show results. This time range can vary for contained and noncontained lumbar disk herniation, chronic and acute back pain and trauma.


What a privilege to be treated by the staff of Dallas Ortho. Yes, a privilege I must say because I don’t live in Plano, Dallas and was there for a 2-day business trip. I met Dr. Ikram at a local gift shop and now I am only following up online and still seeing significant improvement in my spinal performance.


After I had lost all hopes of treating my spine pain without surgery and had had enough of steroids, Dr. Ikram suggested his extensive conservative spine treatment, which would again take more than 3 months. While slightly reluctant in the beginning, I gave it a chance and I am glad I did.


Dallas Ortho is surely the best place for spine treatment in Mesquite. I absolutely love their staff and the medical premises.