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Minimally Invasive Surgery at Dallas Orthopedic Associates

Minimally invasive surgery means fewer cuts, incisions and stitches. In short, it is a simpler, shorter and faster surgical method used for treating orthopedic conditions in knees, spines and feet – if you compare the timelines and incisions in a traditional open surgery.

This surgical method is ideal for patients who need emergency treatment, but want to avail short hospital stays and less stress during the medical procedures.

However, only an expert orthopedic professional, specifically, a minimally invasive surgery specialist can decide if you qualify for the procedure.

Benefits of Minimally Invasive Surgery

All patients who have experienced a minimally invasive surgery have reported the following benefits during their postoperative follow up appointments:

  1. Less anxiety and stress before the procedure
  2. Less complications during operation and lower stress on immune system
  3. Less scarring, least incisions
  4. Less post-operative pain and disturbance
  5. Shorter hospital stays and faster recovery
  6. Highest success rates

Our Team of Minimally Invasive Surgery Specialists in Dallas, Plano and Mesquite

For years, our old and new patients have trusted Dallas Orthopedic Associates for the time and talent we dedicate to the medical services we commit to. Our team members are board-certified and part of national medicine specialist panels.

This specific team comprises:

  1. Minimally invasive surgeons, primary care doctors and consultants
  2. Pre-surgery advisors and post-surgery caretakers
  3. Assessment practitioners and examination experts for evaluation and recommending alternatives

In addition, this staff has cooperative nurses, nutrition advisors, medical representatives and interpreters.

Learn more about minimally invasive surgery for less recovery time.

Why Expert Minimally Invasive Surgeons in Dallas Recommend This Option

The advantages of this surgical method lie in the overall process and approach we follow at Dallas Orthopedic Associates. Here is a detailed breakdown of its benefits for patients:

Before a minimally invasive surgery

For most of our patients, a minimally invasive surgery was the ideal option because they could avail this medical procedure even during emergencies after injuries and accidents.
For some patients, we simply ask for a medical record, the latest and/or recent blood test and an X Ray.
Less documentation means less paperwork, which results in treatments starting sooner than usual open surgery cases. The whole process is absolutely frictionless and quick at Dallas Orthopedics that patients have mentioned that they were not overwhelmed while preparing for the procedure.

During a minimally invasive surgery

As an orthopedic medical procedure with high success ratios, a minimally invasive surgery requires less cuts and incisions on the affected areas.
And what’s the result?
Patients have received less stitches, and experienced less pain than they had otherwise felt in other surgical procedures. This is ideal for working moms, athletes and other professionals whose job tasks involve physical effort and movement.
Considering the time required for such a surgery, patients opting for a minimally invasive operation have had shorter hospital displays. The average time is 3 days; in fact, some patients receive a discharge permission letter within 2 days of the procedure.

After a minimally invasive surgery

All characteristics of a minimally invasive surgery round up to one specific, and most important health impact: it imposes less stress on a patient and his/her immune system. This means the surgery is less painful and takes shorter average recovery time.
This also means you don’t need as many sessions of physiotherapy, medicines and supplements to return to personal and professional activities as you would otherwise.

I’m ready for an evaluation

Experience what it is like to be treated by the best minimally invasive surgeons in Dallas

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Dallas Ortho Associates combines advanced technology with extensive clinical experience for minimally invasive surgery in Dallas
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Frequently Asked Questions about a Minimally Invasive Surgery

How long will I take to recover after a minimally invasive surgery?

You can discharge from the hospital within 2 to 5 days depending on the severity of your post-surgical condition. An average 3 weeks is required before you can walk or jog. For heavy lifting, running, cycling or participating in sports, you will have to talk to your primary doctor.

Is a minimally invasive surgery painful?

A minimally invasive surgery is less painful as compared to other operative procedures like open surgery. It causes less stress and we have witnessed our patients recovering faster than they would in an open surgery.

What is the difference between minimally invasive surgery and open surgery?

Minimally invasive surgery, as the name suggests, requires a lesser number of incisions, cuts and scars as compared to open surgery.


I had a great patient experience at Dallas Ortho because of their quick follow ups and highly cooperative medical and nursing staff.


My father was looking for minimally invasive surgery in Plano for his bunions and met Dr. Ikram’s team. While they were quick with the primary care, they also proactively processed the insurance matters.


Dallas Ortho’s medical staff treated my knee injury through minimally invasive surgery and I must comment that I have experienced a noticeable difference in pain and have recovered faster than I had expected.