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Reclaim Your Physical Freedom With Total Shoulder Care

Your shoulder is one of the most important joints and needs primary attention to keep functioning smoothly.
Conditions like arthritis, injuries or bad posture can often damage shoulders and cause discomfort, which can soon turn into excruciating pain hindering daily physical movement.
With our non-operative care and operative surgeries, as recommended by shoulder pain specialists and surgeons at Dallas Orthopedic Associates can help eliminate this pain, and significantly improve the quality of your life.

Shoulder Treatment and Care Options at Dallas Ortho

Our professional orthopedic specialists work to cure a wide range of orthopedic, and musculoskeletal conditions. Here is how we serve our patients in the specific shoulder care area:

  1. Shoulder treatment medicine
  2. Shoulder replacement surgery
  3. Total reverse shoulder replacement
  4. Total shoulder replacement
  5. Physiotherapy for shoulder care
  6. Comprehensive shoulder pain cure program

While some patients do need a total shoulder replacement surgery in time either because of an injury or osteoarthritis, other patients can opt for a mix of operative and non-operative care methods depending on the severity of their symptoms and pain.

Not able to decide the right shoulder pain relief option for you or your loved one? Let Dallas Ortho help.

Benefits of Total Shoulder Care

Our specialist teams have helped hundreds of patients return to routine physical activities with top-notch primary care and high-end medical consultancy. With our on point treatment options, our patients have experienced and reported:

  1. Significant improvement in the range of motion
  2. Noticeable relief in pain
  3. Smooth return to sports activities

For reference, approximately 70,000 patients in the USA go through shoulder replacement surgery every year. It is one of the simplest surgical procedures and one with highest rates of success.
Not enough?
Book a telemedicine session or talk to a consultant of total shoulder replacement in Mesquite, Plano or Dallas.

Why Trust Dallas Orthopedic Associates

If we can state simply, we are proud of our people, procedures and policies. And they are the reason we have served thousands of patients and helped them enjoy a pain free lifestyle.
Firstly, we have board-certified, highly experienced and professional medical care staff. From primary consultants to nurses, we are a team of compassionate practitioners.
Secondly, we have found the right intersection of healthcare with technology. From physiotherapies to computer-assisted surgery, we do what’s best for our patients.
Most importantly, our patients can avail the right medical services on the budget they prefer. Bring in your insurance documents and explore options ideal for you.

Live Near Texas?

Come meet us at a location near you and experience what it is like to be cured by the best total shoulder specialist in Dallas, Tx. We also have offices in Plano and Mesquite, making it convenient for our new and old patients to continue their treatment.

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FAQs About Total Shoulder Replacement

Which documents should I bring to a shoulder pain specialist?

When visiting a shoulder pain specialist or a shoulder surgeon, make sure to carry the following documents if you already have them:

  • MRIs, CT Scans, ultrasounds or X Rays that you have been recommended 
  • Medical prescriptions 
  • Electronic health records and other medical history documents 
  • Insurance documents 

Note that you may or may not have all of the stated documents, especially if this is your first visit to a shoulder surgeon. While these are not mandatory to carry with you on your first visit, it is recommended you bring the ones you already have to proceed with your medical case faster.

How long does it take to recover from full shoulder replacement in Mesquite?

The average recovery time after full shoulder replacement is 4 weeks. You may be able to go back to professional work that does not require lifting. Varying from case to case, the average time required to fully return to arm movements is 6 months.

Is shoulder pain relief medication enough for eliminating pain?

The efficacy of pain relief medicine totally depends on the severity of your pain and other symptoms. While it can largely treat inflammation, permanent pain relief is rare with only medication. You may have to accompany it with the right diet, workout and exercise and physiotherapy sessions. Again, the right person to answer this question is a shoulder pain specialist or primary shoulder surgeon.


I am so glad I trusted Dallas Ortho when I really needed urgent care. Kudos to Dr. Ikram and his medical team.


I was afraid of going for a total shoulder replacement. Unfortunately, after the accident, this surgery was the only option I had. But I must say that the surgeon of total shoulder replacement in Plano clinic of Dallas Ortho made it quite smooth for me.


I am so glad I trusted Dallas Ortho when I really needed urgent care. Kudos to Dr. Ikram and his medical team.