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Leading Sports Medicine Clinic in Dallas for Athletes

If you are an athlete, a professional player or someone who simply wants to stay sporty and active, Dallas Ortho has got you covered. We offer full-cycle sports medicine covering preventive orthopedic screening to surgical methods for speedy recovery after sports injuries.

Benefits of Sports Medicine

A major branch of physical fitness, sports medicine includes exclusive physical healthcare, prevention and treatment options for professional sports-related surgeries.Sports medicine physician in DallasOrtho cover:

  • Casting and functional bracing
  • Complex surgical procedures
  • Evaluations of conditions and injuries using state-of-the-art diagnostic tools
  • Injury prevention information
  • Medical management and nonsurgical treatments
  • Minimally invasive and arthroscopic surgery
  • Physical rehabilitation services

Benefits of Sports Medicine

Complete sports medicine programs have shown innumerable transformative impacts for most of our patients. First off, our sports medicine clinic in Mesquite and Plano and we cover full-cycle preventive care and treatment for orthopedic conditions exclusively associated with athletes and a sporty lifestyle. We recommend comprehensive workout plans, exercises and nutrition charts to keep athletes in the game.

Secondly, we have modern equipment and medical expertise to treat sports injuries via surgical and non-surgical methods.

Here is what you too can experience:

  1. Significant relief in knee, hip and back pain caused due to play routine
  2. Better performance and improved stamina for games you love
  3. Better mobility in personal and professional tasks that require physical effort
  4. Friction-less movement and pain endurance
So, if you’re a professional player, a college athlete or a weekend warrior, we have the best natural sports medicine for your musculoskeletal health!

Why should I see a sports medicine physician in Dallas?

It is a myth that sports medicine is only for players and athletes – know that with its wide range of surgical and non-surgical diagnosis and treatment options, it is for everyone who wishes to take good care of their orthopedic health and stay in shape. We have diverse patient groups with different medical and demographic backgrounds who have reported decrease in pain and improvement in performance.

You should visit a sport medicine doctor in case:

  1. You had an injury or bone fracture during sports activities – in that case, you need emergency services!
  2. You had a minor injury or cut but it didn’t hurt until you exercised again
  3. A muscle twist or bone hit doesn’t stop hurting even after hours of rest and/or home treatment
Have either of these symptoms? Our Best Verified Sports Medicine Specialist Available Near You in Dallas

Our Team 

We provide sports-exclusive primary care for professional players by board-certified sports medicine practitioners. Our team comprises nutrition counselors, surgeons and medical experts, physiotherapists and workout consultants with years of experience diagnosing orthopedic conditions and treating sports injuries.

Living in Texas?

Looking for sports medicine near Dallas, TX? Sign up for an evaluation, diagnosis, or treatment counseling session and experience what it is like to be taken by expert sports medicine doctors in Mesquite and Plano!

Based out of Texas? You can still avail our telemedicine sessions.

Call us at (469) 518-7853 or email [email protected] to book appointments.

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FAQs About Sports Medicine

How is sports medicine different from general medicine and orthopedic treatments?

Sports medicine is exclusively devised for athletes and professional players, plus people who perform heavy-duty physical tasks in personal and professional parts of life. Our sports medicine clinic in Dallas has board-certified members with specializations in minimally invasive and computer-assisted surgical methods centered for professionals.

When should I see a sports medicine doctor?

The time to contact an emergency or sports medical practitioner is critical to medical care. See a sports medicine physician right away if you or a loved one or a team member gets an injury. Or, if 7 days have passed after you slipped or fell off while playing and the pain doesn’t go away, it’s time to see a sports medicine specialist.


Dallas Orthopedic Associates provided me with high-quality medical care when I contacted them in an emergency.


Kudos to team Dallas Ortho. Thanks Dr. Ikram for helping me get back in the game.


I had a great experience at Dallas Orthopedic Associates. The staff is proactive, quick yet gentle.