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Rejuvenate Your Musculoskeletal Health With Total Joint Treatment in Dallas

Joint health has primary importance in keeping a person up and running. You talk about walking, bending, even laughing and eating – one or more joints are involved hand in hand with bones to make simple activities in life possible.
If your joint pain, discomfort or inflammation has started affecting your personal and professional life, hindering your daily routine and recreational activities, it is time to think about it – more seriously!

What is total joint replacement?

Total joint replacement, or as we refer to arthroplasty in the medical terms, is a surgical method to replace a damaged or dysfunctional joint with an artificial one to restore health, mobility and long-range physical movement and relieve pain.
Arthroplasty is common with arthritis affecting knee and hip joints, shoulders and ankles. On the positive side, this surgery has helped patients reclaim their physical freedom, with frictionless mobility and pain free lifestyle, improved health and stronger endurance to sports and recreational activities.

Who should consider total joint replacement?

You might need a total joint replacement in case you have had or notice either of these six conditions:

  • excruciating pain in your main joints that provide mobility i.e. hip, knees and ankles or shoulder.
  • Injury, accident or fracture that directly affected one of your main joints
  • loss of partial or total movement ability due to shock or trauma
  • health conditions like arthritis, osteoarthritis, cervical
  • joint destruction or degeneration, loss of cartilage due to age or a disease
  • discomfort and difficulty hindering your routine physical movement

AreYou Ready to Discuss Your Joint Replacement Options with Our Total Joint Specialists in Mesquite and Plano?

Why Trust Dallas Ortho for Total Joint Orthopedics

We have achieved the right intersection of medical practitioners and latest healthcare technology at our offices. This has helped us impact the lives of thousands of patients who came to us with conditions like back pain to trauma and are now leading a high quality life with musculoskeletal comfort.
Our medical team is a certified panel of practitioners, highly professional, experienced and skilled at orthopedic medicine, ranging from sports medicine to specializing in foot and ankle.

Our total joint treatment panel comprises:

  • Total joint specialists
  • Board-certified surgeons specializing in knee, shoulder and hip replacement  
  • Diagnosis and therapy practitioners  

In addition, we have an alpha team of nurses, pre and post-surgery counselors, physiotherapists, and home care advisors who’d love to walk you through your transformation.  

Talk to a surgeon or discuss your condition with a pre-surgery counselor about the details of the replacement procedure, common medicine and computer-assisted surgery methods. 

Living in Dallas, Plano and Mesquite?

Experience what it is like to be cured at the best total joint treatment center in Plano and Mesquite. Book a session for in-person consultancy or sign up for a telemedicine session if you are a continuing patient and currently based out of Texas.

Providing Advanced Orthopedic Services & Care for Total Joint Replacement In One Setting.

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FAQs About Total Shoulder Replacement

What is the most common condition resulting in a joint replacement surgery?

Arthritis is the most common condition where we recommend a total joint replacement surgery. This is a serious medical condition causing pain, inflammation and stiffness, hindering physical movement and affecting people between ages of 40 and 60.

What is the average recovery time after arthroplasty or total joint replacement surgery?

On average, patients usually take 6 weeks to get back to normal activities excluding heavy lifting or long range motion. Full recovery takes between 4 to 6 months when one can start physical activities like running and climbing stairs.

What is the fastest way to recover after a total joint replacement?

The answer varies depending on the joint that your doctor has replaced. In normal cases, we suggest patients to:

The answer varies depending on the joint that your doctor has replaced. In normal cases, we suggest patients to: 

  • Eat a healthy diet, while maintaining levels of protein, calcium and magnesium. 
  • Take at least 8 hours of sleep. 
  • Bring your joints in motion. Perform regular exercise and take physiotherapy sessions as suggested by your doctor. 
  • Keep track of any pain or swelling and your body’s responses towards different post-surgery medicine and supplements.  

What is the right age to get an arthroplasty done?

There is no right or wrong age for a total joint replacement. Patients of all ages opt for a total joint replacement surgery for several reasons. The average age, however, as we have noticed at Dallas Ortho is 35 years.

Are there any complications associated with a total joint arthroplasty?

Arthroplasty, or total joint replacement is one of the most effective surgeries with highest success ratios. There are no complications. Doctors usually conduct XRays, blood tests and diabetes examinations before recommending a surgery like this one. Some patients do experience pain and swelling after the surgery, and that’s a sign of recovery which goes within 3 weeks following the procedure.


Previously I was attending my consultant of total joint replacement in Plano and moved to Mesquite this month. A very smooth transition, I must comment and the same, high quality of care.


I took my mother to Dallas Ortho when she was in severe pain. 10 on 10 for on point insurance proceedings specially because it really added to my entire patient experience.


As someone with a long history in arthritis, and degenerative joints, the staff and medical facilities at Dallas Orthopedic Associates really helped. They stand out because of their primary care methods and proactive approach and the overall support system.